Marlene Steele

Figure Drawings

Statement About the Artist

In an effort to participate in the great tradition of figure drawing, Marlene Steele explores the figure from life in charcoal.

Sometimes in revisiting a pose, Marlene Steele will reinvestigate a classic figure on a toned paper or in another media such as watercolor or pastel. These works seek to represent the human figure as an element of design in the context of composition with the added challenge of color. By expanding on the initial concept, the artist investigates in depth the viability of impressions of the croqui sketch.

A defining process that involves both editing and amplification is achieved in alignment with graphic design principles. Throughout this process of confrontation and immediacy of report, this artist aspires toward combining skills of observation with personal terms of expression. There are no short cuts to the plateau of achievement and there is much insight to be gained in the process of seeing for oneself.

See a selection of the courtroom sketches done by Marlene Steele. These drawings, executed in charcoal and pastel on toned pastel paper render courtroom dramas as they unfold before judge and jury. Drawings are authorized for appearance on local and national media platforms and are copyrighted by the artist.