Marlene Steele

Figure Paintings

"The exhibit also contains examples of beautifully executed traditional works — notable works being Marlene Steele's Michelangelo-esque Rest at the Bench,… works that delve into new explorations of the body own the exhibition and open the viewer's eyes to the allure of the unidealized modern figure."
Currently showing: Lexington Art League
The Nude Show 2008  january 9 - March 1,2009
Reviewed in the Lexington Herald

"Marlene Steele shows fresh figure studies from life. You can feel the artist's joy in a well executed painting."
Owen Findsen,
The Cincinnati Enquirer,
"Cincinnati Artists Exhibit Their Styles in Watercolors"
September 17, 1987.

"...there are figure drawings that would meet the test of time. The best are by Ms. Steele, the most skilled draughtsman of the group. Her drawings are dynamic works in line and form, far more than renderings of bodies on paper."
Owen Findsen,
The Cincinnati Enquirer,
Sunday June 15, 1997,
Tempo section E5 "It Figures, Nudes Back in Vogue" A review of Figure 15,
Carnegie Art Center, Covington Kentucky.

"The principle consideration for the inclusion of any work in this exhibition was the artist' freedom from the statements and influences of others or put another way, to determine the essential integrity of the work as a truly personal statement."
William Hull,
Director Emeritus, Museum of Art,
Pennsylvania State University,
Curator of Kentucky Revisited: 1983 an extensive survey of contemporary Kentucky art held in the State Capital.